List of Unassigned Topics

Cardiovascular Medicine

Aortic Aneurysm
Management of Common Dysrhythmias

Community Medicine

Occupational Medicine
Prevention and Management of Industrial-Related Problems



Global Health

Global Burden of Disease

Health Equity

Care of Homeless and Other Underserved Populations

Medical Ethics

Professional Boundries

Men's Health

Prostate Disorders and Cancers

Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine

Management of Head and Neck Injuries


Infections (meningitis, encephalitis)

Outpatient Clinic

Irritable Bowel and Other Common GI Disorders
Lifestyle Medicine


Child Abuse
Hematology — Bleeding Disorder, Thalassemia, Sickle Cell and Anemia
Infectious disease (include sepsis, meningitis, cervical adentitis and invasive strep and staph)

Practice Management

Health Care Delivery Systems
Principles of Population Health Management
Team Leadership


Rheumatic Syndromes — Systemic

Women's Health

Breast Health and Screening for Cancer
Uterine and Ovarian Disorders